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運動與健康促進學系致力於培養學生,投入全球「運動健康促進產業」。協助各領域進行跨領域運動創意產業與健康教育工作,協助認知選擇健康生活型態的重要和落實健康促進的具體方法。就讀本系的學生,需達到初階運動與健康促進專業認證的素養,以為投身健康促進產業職能所需準備。為了達成上述的能力,學生必須完成健康相關課程、教學指導相關課程和健康促進相關設備與器材操作課程,以符合業界的專業需求與競爭。運動與健康促進學系的主要學習目標為瞭解動態生活型態、全適能、體能、健康休閒活動、健康促進、健康資訊雲端網絡、疾病預防服務與輔助科技器具研發實務。 運動與健康促進學系學士班課程,主要在培訓學生在進入社區健康促進和運動健康活動相關職涯,所必需的能力。本系亦致力於奠定學術地位,課程以整體、整合和多學科方式傳輸;所學新技能應用在體驗學習、建教合作和實習課程時的機會,以連結學生心智教育。課程範疇包括身體活動基礎概論、運動科學、身體活動/運動測驗與測量、運動處方與計畫、特殊人群之身體活動與運動處方、病患之身體活動與運動處方、身體活動與運動促進和運動科技研發與發展。


The exercise and health promotion department strives to educate students who will render a service to global “Exercise and Health Promotion Industry”; to assist varied fields processing interdisciplinary on exercise-related creative industry and health education; to assist acquiring the perception on the importance of choosing healthy life style and implementing the practical technics on health promotion. The students in our degree programs are additionally prepared for entry-level, certified health promotion related specialist positions in schools and in a wide variety of private and public settings. In addition to a liberal arts core of courses, students must successfully complete health content courses and teaching methodology, including the use of technology, in order to achieve professional competence as identified by standards set by national credentialing organizations. The focus of studying exercise and health promotion is to educate students on physically active lifestyle, wellness, fitness, healthy leisure time activities, health promotion, health information cloud computing, cronic disease prevention and exercise aids invention and development. It is the goal of the exercise and health promotion department to be known as the undergraduate program of choice in the region to prepare for careers in community health promotion and health related physical activities. The department also strives to be recognized for its scholarship and to provide programs which utilize a holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach. Our programs link the education of the mind with opportunities to apply newly learned skills in experiential, cooperative and internship experiences. The course categories of exercise and health promotion department include fundamentals of physical activity, exercise science, physical activity/exercise testing and measurement, exercise prescription and planning, physical activity and exercise prescription for specifics populations, physical activity and exercise prescription for clinical populations, physical activity and exercise promotion and physical activity/exercise technological invention and development.