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本系著重透過產學合作方式,提供在學學生服務實習及實務實習機會,以加強學生學習成效。為營造多元化的學習環境,除充分共享本系與體育學系現有人力與設備資源外,亦將結合本校相關院系既有人力學術資源優勢,提供學生多元學習環境。 本系未來發展方向,擬根據學界將運動產業產品與消費者特性所界定的運動休閒與健康促進核心(core)以及周邊(extensive)兩大產業為基礎加以定位,茲簡要說明如下:



This Department focuses on industry-university cooperation, provide internships of students services and substantive internships to enhance students' learning. In order to create a diverse learning environment, inter alia, fully share this with outside the existing manpower and equipment resources, Department of Physical Education, also in conjunction with the relevant departments of the school both human resources advantages, provide students with diverse learning environment. Our future development direction, based on sports industrial products and consumer characteristics of leisure sports and health promotion as defined in core and the extensive positioning based on the two major industries by academic classified, have a brief description as follows: 1. Recreational sport and health promotion in the core class: participatory sports and health promotion industry, exercise and health promotion services, exercise and health promotion professional license services ... , etc. 2. Recreational sport and health promotion in the extensive class: exercise and health promotion management services industry, exercise and health promotion tourism, exercise and health promotion campaigns services, exercise and health promotion administrative organizations services ... , etc.