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文化大學運動與健康促進學系系徽設計理念 色系: 紫色代表高貴、神秘、優雅、羅曼蒂克;也代表膽識與勇氣,常成為貴族所愛用的顏色。在中國傳統裡,紫色是王者的顏色,亦有所謂"紫氣東來"。紫色的高貴、神秘、優雅、羅曼蒂克、膽識與勇氣內涵,將為運動與健康促進學系的主色系與核心特質。 形狀: 以雲為形,EHP (Exercise and Health Promotion)為狀,意味運動與健康促進學系,將朝健康促進產業雲端化發展。在主色紫雲後面的幻化雲,代表傳統與現有健康產業之外,健康產業尚有無限的創新與幻化。 五朵雲與學校天際線: 五朵雲系右下角,鑲有文化大學天際線,意寓運動與健康促進學系,植基於學校「承中西之道統,集中外之精華」的辨學方針;培養學生投入全球五大洲「運動與健康促進產業」的能力。 EHP圖標之意涵: 當EHP三個字母之E往右移貼緊H,P往左邊重疊H,顯現出8P形狀,代表創系之八位師長心手相連,共創未來。



Design Philosophy of Department Logo Color Scheme: Purple represents noble, mysterious, elegant and romantic; also on behalf of boldness and courage, have often been noble love of color. In the Chinese tradition, and purple is the color of the King, there are so-called “a propitious omen ". The connotation of purple-- noble, mysterious, elegant, romantic, boldness and courage will be the primary color of the core qualities on exercise and health promotion Department. Figure: For clouds to form, EHP (Exercise and Health Promotion) to shape, signify that the development of health promotion cloud industry will be the stage mission of the Department of exercise and health promotion. Behind the main purple color, magical clouds, representing except the traditional and existing health care industry, innovation and transformation of the health industry there are infinite. Five Clouds and PCCU Skyline: Five cloud system in the lower right corner, laced with skyline at Chinese Culture University, combining exercise and health promotion Department, based on the school of “following Chinese and Western orthodoxy, aggregating the essence of Sino-foreign country” syndrome differentiation of learning approaches; to cultivate students' capabilities input on five continents "exercise and health promotion industry". Meaning of Icon EHP: Making EHP three letters of E to snap to the right H, P overlapping to the left H, shows 8P Shape, representatives of eight of the original faculty members warm up your heart, to create the future.